Love and Sex

Two people meet, but also two families, cultures, stories. Fascinating, enriching otherness. Usually the beginning is romantic but difficulties creep in slowly. It is not easy to turn a passion into a lasting relationship. Often their origin lies in what was so appealing at the beginning: the strange.

      • Injuries happen every day, and the old injuries add up to a “debt account”.
      • The couple does not manage to develop a common life model and a project for themselves.
      • The partners miss intimacy, closeness and trust.
      • Some couples happen to live in the same flat like room mates, but there is no close connection any more.
      • Sexuality becomes boring, disappears entirely or takes place outside of the relationship.
      • Communication is fraught with conflict and without result.
      • Time, energy and love (maybe money) are invested in other things: children, careers or hobbies.

The partners ask themselves: are we still together at all? Has love gone out? Some remain in an unclear state for years or decades. But at some point it becomes clear: our relationship needs more care. This includes working on yourself and working on the relationship. Most get it wrong in the beginning and only want to change the other. That makes the situation worse.

Couples therapy helps to gain clarity and a new perspective and get moving. If your relationship needs maintenance or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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