How long does therapy take?


Many clients ask, how long does it take for a therapy? There is no general answer to this question. Among others, it depends on the the topics, you want to change in your live and on the energy you invest, to work on them.

For a a clearly defined problem, like to reach a decision or to develop an idea, how to deal with a situation, a view sessions, sometimes even a single one, can be enough. It is not important, how long you have already been struggling with the thing: face it, tackle the problem at the root and solve it.

It is another thing to work on character traits and habits, overcome traumas or to change harmful behaviour like addiction. A change process needs time, questions and answers develop over time. So do your skills and abilities. The good news is: it is possible for us humans, to change and grow in a very fundamental way. You need a person by your side, which guides you through the process, helps you to keep direction and motivates you in moments, when you loose hope and energy.

Most clients with the goal to develop further seek advice for 10-20 sessions within 1 or two years.

In the first session I take the time to clarify these questions individually, and during the process we regularly reflect together with my clients, how far they have come and what is still unsolved.