Therapy or coaching?

There are endless discussions among professionals about this 2 words. Is this still coaching or is this already therapy or even psychotherapy? What is the most valuable approach?

What I do know is, that within your developing process your topics and your needs my change. In the beginning sorting out the chaos is often helpful. Then we pick topic by topic and develop ideas, how to change, solve or improve. This is time for try and error. Some topics are very hard to overcome, like suffering from a chronic illness. In this case you may need rather support and empathy to recharge your batteries than inspiration to change.

Later in your developing process you maybe just need a hint, new idea or a reflection about a topic to continue on you own.

In some phases of your development process we dig deep and go very much in detail, try to understand all aspects and feel all feelings, cry out all tears and feel sorrow for all the pain. In other phases we will sort and make plans for the future like a project manager.

So: What is what? Therapy? Coaching? Personal Development? Training? To be honest, even after working 15 years in research and as much time in consultation (or therapy), I still do not understand this differences myself. Call it as you like! 😉