Child or parents in therapy?

After my experience of leading a foster home with more than 50 children and engaging a whole bunch or therapists to help the children, my opinion about this is quite clear. I work 90% with the parents or grandparents and other adults, living and education children.


  • First, it is a question of power. Adults just have more possibilities and freedom to change.
  • Second: I have neither a relationship to your child nor do I want to spend a lot of time (and your money) to build this relationship. As parents have both, contact and time. You can influence the child’s happiness, well being, development and behavior many hours every day. Monday to Sunday. And improve the relationship to the child as well, which is beneficial for everybody in the family.
  • Third: effectiveness: If I can support you, to solve your child’s problem, you have this ability through the whole live. Next time you don’t need a consultation at all or maybe just a short backup, because you improved your parental abilities.

Most children calm down and develop normal, when the parents take the right actions and decisions. What ever problems you face in your family, contact me first without child.

Sometimes young people need help to master a development step or to overcome a problem. In this case it is best to see the child independent of the parents after the initial session.

We will discuss the different possibilities in the first meeting and decide together, what fits best to you.