Acute crisis

A life crisis can be something different for everyone. For some it is difficult argument with the partner or the threat of separation. Others suffer from loneliness. A crisis can be triggered by difficulties at work. Some are struggling with physical or mental illnesses, or are at risk of death themselves or their relatives. Dissatisfaction with your own body or aging can contribute to a crisis.

Several personal disasters often come together.

It is high time to seek help if

      • your life has become difficult or even unbearable for you
      • you feel stressed and no longer know where to go with your problems
      • you have difficulties to calm down or to relax
      • if your surroundings cannot or do not want to help you
      • if you feel threatened or persecuted

Therapy will help you to regain control and objectively analyse the situation. In our talks you find encouragement and hope to solve the problems and ways to overcome the crisis. Get support for now and learn how not to get in trouble again.

I offer support in English, German and Latvian. If you are considering therapy and support in crisis or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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