Couple therapy

In couple therapy, I offer a moderated and safe space in which both partners can speak openly. I make sure that the couple doesn’t fall into old patterns of argument. Together we define a common thread and it is my job as conversation manager to bring both parts back to the topic and to work together constructively. I make sure that critical and positive parts alternate. Despite all desperation not everything was bad and unsatisfactory in the past.

I support the couple in clearly defining their topics and working on them in a creative and productive manner. Decisions like whether the couple wants to stay together or not can finally be made and a new chapter in the relationship can be opened.

In therapeutic conversations the couple learns to improve their communication skills, heal old wounds and settle unpaid bills. It becomes possible to solve old issues and close chapters of the past.

I focus on the present and the future. What should the future relationship look like? What are wishes and hopes and how can they be turned into reality? We work out and practice in small exercises how the future should look like. So both lean to take the next steps.

Many couples find it a great relief that after a phase of stagnation they are finally back to the front.

I offer couple counselling in English, German and Latvian. If you are considering couple therapy or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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