About me

About me

Martin Hirschbühl (Hirschbuehl / Martins Hiršbīls)


My name is Martin Hirschbühl (Hirschbuehl / Martins Hiršbīls), I was born in Germany and live since 2015 in Latvia in the Baltic States. Among other things, I am a trained psychologist and systemic family therapist.

My Therapy – the systemic approach

When I studied Psychology and Special Education in the 90th, behavioural therapy was the method of choice in universities. But when I got first time in contact with constructionist and the systemic approach (or family therapy), it fascinated me from the beginning. The general idea is, that our psychological system, our behaviour and our happiness is much less a solid fact, than the result of small thoughts and every day communication. The difference between a happy and a unhappy moment could be a friendly word from an other person, a positive thought or a piece of cake. I use the systemic approach to support my clients by change small things in their live. This can lead to bigger improvements and fundamental changes. If we manage to hit the right spot at the right time in the therapy process, change can be very fast.

Science as a base

Half of my live I spend in University or worked in research teams in different Universities in Europa to get a closer look on the question, how the human brain and emotional system works. I am convinced, that science, research and statistics is important figure out, what is really effective and helpful. Even if my clients do not get in direct touch with science in the sessions, I have always in mind, what method could be best to help you and I try to choose the best support for each person individually.

Awareness training

I am deeply rooted in the tradition of awareness training. I got both, classical meditation training in monasteries in south east Asia and in retreat centres in Europe, as well as training in modern approaches to mindfulness, like different types of mindful communication training or medical and scientific mindfulness programs. I lead weekly courses and practical lectures about mindfulness, meditation and deeper philosophical concepts of Buddhist teachings.

In my experience, awareness can be a strong support in changing and improving live. And without mindfulness it is very difficult to recognize the situations, in which you could act different and to remember to act in a new way. For this reason, I introduce mindful and awareness exercises, whenever this seems to be helpful for my clients.

International experience

Grown up in a small rural village in southern Germany, I was curious, to see different cultures and nations. Over the years I travelled and lived about 10 years in Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Australia. I am fascinated in how many different ways people find their way of living and their happiness. This convinced me, that there is no right or wrong, but every person and every family has to find out himself, what way of live fits best at the moment. In therapy, I try to open up the perspective, be playful with your live and and check out alternatives.


I live in the outskirts of Riga and in my free time you can find me strolling around the forests and the coast of Latvia or working in my garden. Since 2019 I produce my own honey.

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